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So on Wednesday we discussed how grade 12 are the playoffs and everyone needs to pick up their game a lot!! Then we went to the library and commented on everyone’s blog who had been a synthesizer for this chapter and read there blogs. So that was that. On Thursday we played a sort of a game like game where two people went up at a time to answer a question that both of them got wrong on the quiz. If they got it right they would get 5 marks added to their quiz. I thought that it was a very effective game.

Today, Friday we went over our homework which he hadn’t done since Monday. After we finished the first question we had an earthquake and a fire drill. When we came back we went over all the other questions we had trouble with. There weren’t to many questions so we moved on. We went back to September 30Th’s notes (2-3) and figured out why it was a reflection.


Step 1: Change into log form

Step 2: Get the reciprocal of the log on the bottom

Step 3: Use the powers law to take the -1 over to the other side

Step 4: The log cancels


A) Then we moved on to Compound Interest

The only thing you have to remember is the formula and plug all the numbers in it. The formula is:


A= final amount, P= Principal or starting amount, R= interest rate in a decimal, N= # of compounds per year, t= time in years

EG. How  much will you have if you start with $800 at 5% interest weekly for 5 years?

B) Continuous Compound Interest

Same as the top one but there is a different formula which u have to remember. It is:

A= final amount, P= Principal or starting amount, R= interest rate in a decimal, t= time in years, e= 2.718718….

EG How much will grow if $400 is compounded at 5% in 2 years?

C) Growth and Decay

The formula for this is :

A= final amount, Ao= starting amount,  t= total time,n= how long it takes for growth/ decay to occur

R= rate of growth or decay OR “Increased by” 20% r=1.2% OR “Decreased by” 30% r=.7%  OR “Half life” r= .5% OR “Double” r =2 OR “5 fold increase” r = 5

D) Richter Scales

We rushed through this part but there wasn’t much to it besides solving it which I don’t know how to do but I will show an example.

EG  Vancouver’s earthquake measured at -8.7 on the Richter scale how high was surrey’s earthquake on the Richter scale if Vancouver’s earthquake was 450 times intense?


So that’s that… There’s a test on Thursday, assignment will be on Tuesday, so have the cheat sheet done for Tuesday .. and yeah study .. good luck

PS Jasleen you know its you






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